How do we order?

Go to our How It Works page or simply call us at 732 360 9991 where we will go over everything with you

Can I cancel service at any time?

Yes, of course, There are no contracts to sign just let us know if you need to discontinue

What if I am on vacation?

Just let us know the dates that you need to suspend service and we will begin delivering again when you return

Do I need to be home for delivery?

No we are out delivering while you are sleeping! We do the work all you need to do is open your front door in the morning and your delivery will be in your cooler

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes there is a 2.00 delivery fee per delivery regardless of your order

Is there a minimum order?

No we have no minimums in the hope that once you try our products you will order other items as well

What do I do with the empty bottles?

Just rinse them out and leave them in your cooler. The driver will pick them up

How do I pay?

Billing is done weekly the driver will drop an invoice in your cooler it is due following delivery. Just leave cash or check made out to Udderly Delicious in your cooler

What about summer delivery?

All deliveries are made with refrigerated trucks and is delivered ice cold. It wouldn’t hurt to leave an ice pack in your cooler

Where do you deliver to?

We cover all of Staten Island and most towns in Monmouth, Middlesex and Central NJ. check our delivery area page for your town Delivery Area

How long does the milk last?

The day the milk is made is the day we deliver it to you. Avg expirations are 10 to 13 days much fresher than store bought milk