How It Works

Once you sign up to start receiving deliveries, we will take a standing weekly order from you. Depending on your town and address, we will determine what day your delivery will come and will let you know. We will automatically bring this standing order each week unless you notify us prior to your delivery in regards to any adjustments that you need to make. Changes can include adding or cutting the amounts of product you receive, or even adding additional items. Please just let us know if your change is permanent or just a temporary change for that week. All meat, seafood and various other food orders must be placed no later than Sunday 9pm. You can let us know of any other changes to your order all the way up to 24 hours prior to your delivery.

Preferably leave out a cooler large enough to accommodate your delivery. If you choose to go old-school, milk boxes can be purchased online from

As far as payment goes, you can pay with cash or check to Udderly Delicious and you can just leave it in your cooler. We also accept Venmo and PayPal. Whichever form of payment is easiest for you! There’s a $4 delivery charge for weekly orders.

Make sure to keep the empty glass bottles as we take them back when you are finished with them. We don’t charge a bottle deposit, but we do ask that you make sure to return them to us. We will take your empties back when we drop off your new order each week!

You can contact us when needed by phone, email, or on Facebook.